Summary of frequently asked questions
Why do I not receive an email notification when the form is submitted?
The cause of this problem may be that you have not set up the receive email field and the response email field in Email Settings.
Note: With the Email response field, you must select the exact field that you have set up for customers to enter their email on the form.
Why does the RFC error appear after submitting the form?
The cause of this error is that you chose the wrong value of the Email Response field in Email Settings. Please check and set the correct value for this field.
Why is the email I received without the content of the submitted form?
The cause of the problem may be that you have not selected to edit the Email Message Template content in Email Settings. You need to add the values of the fields to the email body by selecting in the select box just above.
Why is the form no longer displayed after I change the website theme?
This is because the source code of the application has not been applied on the new theme. To solve this problem, you just need to go to Publish to Theme -> Choose a new theme of the website -> Click the Publish button.
Last modified 1yr ago